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Open to different age groups, FBQ Museums offer visit packages including Educational Programs or Sport & STEM activities combined with a meal.
Inspired by FBQ collections, our programs introduce tools to foster visual literacy in participants and promote critical thinking about the world around us. 
Booking Procedure:
Reservation is needed at least three days in advance. Your program will be confirmed by e-mail, summarizing the number of participants, time, and visit details.
Group Size: 
The permitted group size follows the latest guidelines by the Ministry of Public Health on gatherings but must not exceed 25 students per tour with at least one teacher/chaperone for every ten students. Larger groups are split based on museum educators’ availability and the school supervision of a proper number of adults.
"Behind an Object, There is a Story" Program:
  • A Day in Qatar’s Old Times (7 - 12)
    By borrowing stories from Qatari’s grandads and grannies, participants will project themselves into a day spent in the desert or on a pearl diver’s boat.
  • Nun and the Pen, and what they write together (7-12)
    This path will venture participants into a journey of discovery of the Arabic alphabet and traditional calligraphy. When binding letters and ink meet, they bring to life ever-changing shapes.
  • The Memory Box (7-12)
    As a time-capsule, participants will travel back in time to see how rituals, both domestic and collective, characterized night and day of past generations.
  • Young Explorers (7-12)
    A journey through the early civilizations for participants to discover the inventions that have made today’s life easier.
  • Out of The Box (13-17)
    This program will take you behind the scenes of the museum artifacts to discover the secret keys of Islamic art and desert life.
  • The Hidden Beauty (13-17)
    In this journey, you will discover some strategies and innovative solutions to face challenges in different walks of life.

Rate per student
FBQ ProgramQAR 45
Meal (Optional)QAR 25
Extra STEM / Sport ActivityQAR 45
School Menu
Menu 1Menu 2
•Tuna Sandwich 
•Fresh Banana 
• Water
•Panini Sandwich 
•Fresh Banana 
• Water