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FBQ Virtual Tour

FBQ Virtual Tour

We bring our galleries to you, in the comfort of your home!

Haven’t you visited the FBQ Museums yet and want to plan your next tour? Have you seen our galleries before but want to recollect memories from your previous experience? Or are you passionate about artifacts and want to put together your own ideal exhibition?
FBQ Complex of Museums is now coming to you, bringing our galleries on your laptop or any other digital device.
More than a 360 Google view stage, and equally comprehensive as the in-person visit, FBQ Virtual Tour will entice you from the comfort of your chair.
You can navigate through the virtual platform on your own or select among 11 galleries and rooms focusing on the museum highlights with the introductory narrative voice of Abdullatif Al-Tamimi. Over 150 objects and carpets have been selected to make you dive into Sheikh Faisal’s Museum of Marvels for your personal journey through time and place.
Explore the following rooms, or access the museum from the :

Weaponry Hall
Textile and Jewelry
Quran Room
Islamic Arts Hall
Syrian House
Al Rayyan Room
Fossils Section
The Great Hall
The Qatari House
FBQ Carpet Museum

All of that is possible for free and from wherever you are!

FBQ Virtual tour is powered by Scan-FX, Qatar leading provider for spatial data.

Any issues to visualize and navigate the virtual tour? Let us know your comments at [email protected]