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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Al Samriya Riding School's Terms and Conditions are set out below and information is provided on:

  1. General Conditions
  2. Heat and Inclement Weather
  3. Children and Visitors On-site
  4. Vehicular Access
  5. Bookings, Payment and Cancellations
  6. Communication

The Terms and Condition should be read in conjunction to the Code of Conduct  and our policy on Riding Attire.


1. General Conditions

1.1. All clients must have completed a Rider Registration and Waiver Form before riding a horse. This can be done upon arrival and must be returned to the administrator.

1.2. It is the responsibility of the rider to resubmit the Rider Registration Form if any personal details change (this responsibility falls to the Parent/Guardian if the child is under 18).

1.3. ASRS reserves the right to refuse any person to ride for failure to abide by Rider and Visitor Code of Conduct.

1.4. ASRS reserves the right to refuse any person to ride a particular horse/pony on the grounds of health and safety to the rider or horse.

1.5. To maintain standards of horse welfare it is necessary for us to impose an upper weight restriction on riders. The ideal capacity of a horse to carry the weight of a rider can be 15% of their body weight and our average horses weighs 560 kilos, 15% of 560 kilos is 84kg which is our Weight limit.


2. Heat and Inclement Weather

2.1. Rides / lessons are rarely cancelled due to inclement weather, however; ASRS will cancel sessions in the event that we deem the weather to be dangerous for riders, staff, and/or horses. In such a circumstance, a ‘catch up’ session may be run or a voucher is issued.

2.2. ASRS reserves the right to cancel riding because of adverse weather conditions that may include:

  2.2.1. Heat over 400 C

  2.2.2. High humidity

  2.2.3. High wind

  2.2.4. Severe rain or floodin

2.3. No refund will be given if the client cancels a session due to weather conditions where the session has not been cancelled by ASRS.

2.4. ASRS will follow the guidance set out in the ASRS Health and Safety Policy when making decisions about whether riding should be cancelled.


3. Children and Visitors On-site

3.1. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult whilst on the premises.

3.2. Children and visitors must remain quiet near the arena whilst lessons are in progress and not to run around the viewing area.

3.3. Stable doors must not be opened or horses taken out of stables without the express permission of the Instructor or Farm Manager.

3.4. Visitors are asked not to feed horses without permission.


4. Vehicular Access

4.1. Parking is not prmittd between the stables and the arenas

4.2. Visitors are required to park in the designated areas.

4.3. The speed limit in the farm is 20kph, if found breaking the speed limit you may be ejected and refused entry to the farm.

4.4. Vehicles must always give way to horses and ponies.

4.4. Drivers may be asked to turn off loud engines around nervous horses.


5. Bookings, Payment and Cancellations

5.1. Advance payment is required for all sessions.

5.2. Bookings for courses may be made online, at ASRS reception, or through one of the SFQ offices.

5.3. New riders must book a private lesson for an assessment in advance of joining a course.

5.4. The Riding School Programmes Coordinator will have the final decision on the most suitable class and level for each rider. The Programmes Coordinator will always try to accommodate the rider’s personal preference and schedule demands where possible.

5.5. In the event of your illness or extreme circumstance, it may be possible to catch up a missed session at another time. A voucher will be issued for this and it can be redeemed by booking a ‘catch-up’ session with the Riding School Programmes Coordinator.

5.6. In the event of the client travelling, a ‘catch-up’ voucher will be issued so that one session can be taken at an alternative time. Three weeks’ notice must be given before the missed session.

5.7. Cancellation requires 24 hours’ notice. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, then the session is forfeit and no refund is due.

5.8. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, or card at the reception. Please obtain and keep your receipt.

5.9. Customers are asked to arrive 10 minutes before your lesson start time arrivals after the start time will not be permitted to join.


6. Communication

6.1. ASRS uses email and whatsapp to stay in touch with members and riders. By signing the registration form, patrons agree that we may use these methods to contact them.

6.2. ASRS posts on Instagram and Facebook. We are sensitive about the images we post and always ask patrons if they are happy to be included in pictures. All patrons are free to decline their inclusion.

6.3. Photography is strictly prohibited; any person taking photos must have their details recorded at reception. Anyone who does not cease photographing when asked will be reported.

6.4. ASRS undertakes to treat all visitors with respect. It is an expectation that all visitors to ASRS also treat staff and other visitors in the same way. Our expectations include:

  6.2.1. Offensive language may not be used.

  6.2.2. Bullying and intimidation (verbally and/or by deed) are prohibited.

  6.2.3. Use of social media in a manner that is negative towards ASRS, its staff or patrons is not permitted.

6.5. ASRS reserves the right to ask anybody that violates the expectations set out in 6.3 to leave the premises.

6.6. ASRS reserves the right to contact the police if any individual engages in foul and abusive language and/or commits an act of violence against a visitor or staff member.

All riders and visitors to Al Samriya Riding School are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Any person failing to follow our code of conduct may be asked to leave the premises and/or may not be permitted to ride.

  1. Do not open any stable doors or remove any horse from its stable without the permission of the Farm Manager or Riding Instructor.
  2. Do not feed any horses or ponies without the permission of the Farm Manager or Riding Instructor.
  3. A riding helmet must be worn when riding and must not be removed or opened before dismounting. Regular riders are expected to purchase their own helmets.
  4. All riders must complete a registration form and sign a waiver before participating in any riding sessions.
  5. Riders must report to reception before attending a riding session.
  6. Body protectors are compulsory for all jumping sessions and are strongly recommended at other times.
  7. Suitable clothing must be worn for riding, including a low-heeled boot. Shorts, skirts, and thobes are not permitted. Sleeveless tops are also not recommended.
  8. Riders must follow the instructions of Al Samriya staff at all times and may not take the horse away from the group at any time during a lesson or whilst hacking out.
  9. Visitors must remain calm around the horses; shouting, screaming and/or running near the horses is not permitted.
  10. The speed limit in the farm is 20kph, if found breaking the speed limit you may be ejected and refused entry to the farm.
  11. All patrons must treat others with respect; abusive language and/or acts of violence towards others will not be tolerated.
  12. All minors must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst at the stables.
  13. Dogs must not be brought on site without permission from the Farm Manager and if brought, must remain on a lead.
  14. No horse should ever be removed from a stable without explicit instructions from a member of staff.

These rules are in place to safeguard your health and safety and to protect the welfare of the horses. We thank you for your cooperation and compliance.

Suitable attire must be worn when riding or lunging horses

For Riding

Riders MUST wear:

  • A protective riding helmet
  • Closed-toe shoes with a low heel
  • A body protector for jumping activities if the rider is less than 18 years old
  • Long trousers

Riders are NOT PERMITTED to ride in:

  • Shorts, skirts, or dresses
  • Abayas or thobes
  • Trainers or sandals

Visitors without the appropriate attire will not be permitted to ride. This applies to riding school members, trail riders, lease and livery owners.

For Lunging

When lunging:

  • Wear closed toe shoes

Riding Hats

It is possible to borrow hat from ASRS, however; it is strongly recommend that regulare riders purchase their own correctly fitted hat. It is compulsary to wear a riding hat for all riding activities, so it is extremely helpful for you to have your own. In the event of accident, ASRS assumes no liability and offers no guarantee against head injury for riders that borrow ASRS hats.