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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision:

To promote Qatar's equestrian heritage by educating and serving the community to develop knowledge, understanding and the application of horsemanship amongst both national and expatriate participants and owners.

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The mission:
(Meet BHS (British horse society) accreditation standards)

  • Bring the joy of equestrian sport to the community.
  • Improve emotional and physical well being of both horses and riders.
  • Provide access to riding classes.
  • Increase participation in equestrian sport.
  • Participate in local and international competition.
  • To provide an exceptional breeding programme of Arabian horses.

Our values:

We encourage care and compassion for horses, humans, and other animals. We aim to remain mindful of the needs of both horse and rider, so that all activities are safe, kind, positive, and productive.

We aim to create an environment where there is mutual respect between staff, learners, visitors, and equines. Our activities are designed to support members to achieve this aim and to achieve their best. We further encourage teamwork, self-confidence, self-discipline, and lifelong learning through programmes designed to enable the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and the ability to apply these effectively.

We promote a culture where staff and visitors are open, honest and trustworthy. We expect that staff members integrate these values within their teaching and customer service and that they are embraced by riders and visitors.

We aim to provide an inclusive learning and recreational environment regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or ability. This is further supported by encouraging flexible, collaborative, and non-judgmental teaching so that members feel safe whilst developing skills, confidence, and self-esteem. Sensitivity to the cultural and religious needs of others is integral to this.