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FBQ Museums Team

If the museum collections epitomize cross-cultural dialogue through objects from all around the world, so does the team behind them.
The museum team prides itself on bringing together over 15 nationalities who all contribute with their talents, knowledge, and diverse backgrounds to creating a memorable experience with the edge of Qatari hospitality.
Museum Director
Dr. Terezia Bardi
Head of Collections
Faical Haddad
Waleed Al-Dulaimi
Carpet Museum Curator
Chady El Baik
Museum Education Officer
Mahmoud Saber
Car Museum Coordinator
Marc Daeniel Martinez
Mohammed Bougherara 
Visitor Service
Jennifer Mojica
Art Handlers
  • Khalil Miah Halim Miah
  • Nazmul Miah Kholil Miah
  • Abdel Azim Mohammed
  • Mohammed Shiplu Mohammed Miah
Café & Gift Shop
Armando Tumlos de Leon
Cleaning Service
  • Mohammed Aash (Cleaning Team Supervisor)
  • Sisuraj Mahat
  • Mohammad Sojon
  • Chan Miah
  • Manik Hossain