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International Exhibitions

Locally engaged and internationally ambitious, FBQ Museum continues to expand its geographical remits by partaking international initiatives, both with in-house curated exhibitions and loans of artifacts abroad.

August – September 2022

“Coffee for Two - Cultures in Dialogue” by FBQ Museums hosted by Katara Cultural Village to gather visitors around the famous brew

Curated by FBQ Museum, “Coffee for Two – Cultures in Dialogue” continues the cultural initiative that started with the international traveling exhibition “The Majlis – Cultures in Dialogue” in 2018, which has already touched downs six European capitals.
Under the cultural patronage of UNESCO Gulf States and Yemen, Doha’s Office, and the cultural partnership of Katara Cultural Village, the exhibition “Coffee for Two – Cultures in Dialogue” celebrates the culture and traditions around the beverage as a universal language that connects people around the world. With a selection of around 50 artifacts, including photos, videos, and quiz games, the exhibition explores the cultural practices related to the home-roasted Arabic coffee and the functions it performs for the communities.
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From April 2022, FBQ Museums join Discover Islamic Art Platform

FBQ Museums join Discover Islamic Art Platform

Right during the holy month of Ramadan, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani’s complex of museums joins Discover Islamic Art as the second museum listed in Qatar. Eager to engage with different partner institutions in an ever-growing exchange of knowledge and expertise, we highlighted a selection of 50 objects.

Discover Islamic Art represents an initiative by the Museum With No Frontiers Virtual Museum, a digital database of museums, institutions, and collections from around the globe with over 1,700 objects from 22 countries for students, researchers, and Islamic Art enthusiasts.

Across vast geographies, the selected FBQ collection stretches from Granada, Paris, and the Netherlands, through Morocco, Palestine, and Iran, yet further to Uzbekistan, India, and China. From the 12th to the early 20th century, metalwork, manuscripts, ceramics, religious relics, and carpets enliven past communities’ traditions and historical contexts.

Delve into the unique collection and Discover Islamic Art through FBQ curators’ eyes!

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October – November 2021
“The Majlis - Cultures in Dialogue”, Alhambra Palace, Granada (Spain)

Curated by FBQ Museum, the exhibition features over seventy artifacts from the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museums that tell stories about a long history of exchange and dialogue in the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Objects are carriers of stories that one might hear in a majlis, the social space present in every Arab home. Initiated in 2018 by the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, the exhibition has become a multifaceted forum for inclusive dialogue that connects people, beliefs, and cultures.

The Majlis – Cultures in Dialogue received the cultural patronage of UNESCO and Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The exhibition has been displayed at the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta (Malta) 2018, at IMA-Institut du Monde Arabe and UNESCO Headquarter in Paris (France) 2019, at Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna (Austria) 2019, and at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid (Spain) in 2020.

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June – November 2021
“The Majlis”, San Giorgio Maggiore Abbey, Venice (Italy), 2021 Venice Biennial

Within the 2021 Venice Biennial framework, FBQ Museums contribute to The Majlis, the exhibition curated by Caravane Earth Foundation at San Giorgio Maggiore Abbey. Around 50 majlis-related artifacts from FBQ Museums support the presence of Qatar in such an international scenario. Over six months, visitors from near and far will appreciate the finest carpets from Iran and Turkey selected from Sheikh Faisal’s collection. Additionally, precious manuscripts, lamps, and ceramic pots contribute to the exhibition narrative from a Middle Eastern perspective.

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June - August 2021
“Qatar Between Land and Sea. Through Arts and Heritage" at St. Petersburg’s Russian Museum of Ethnography

“Qatar Between Land and Sea. Through Arts and Heritage" is the centerpiece of the cultural program of the State of Qatar, the guest country at the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Organized by the Cultural Creative Agency, the exhibition is a multi-faceted tale of Qatari history and culture spanning several centuries. Consisting of about 200 items from the Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani’s complex of Museums, and from the collection of the National Museum of Qatar, the exhibition is divided into the themes such us pearl diving, falconry, religious manuscripts, carpets, musical instruments, clothing and jewelry. Catalogue available.

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