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FBQ Museum App

FBQ Museum App

Make the most of your visit to FBQ Museums! The FBQ App lets you explore our unique collections with in-depth learning about 50 selected artifacts and galleries.

Want to learn more about Islamic arts and Cultural Heritage? Are you passionate about vintage cars? Or are you fond of clothing and jewelry?
Our Pop-up Museum highlights and audio commentaries appear on your phone on-the-go during your tour at the museum, because “it is the object looking for you, rather than you seeking after them".
But you can also enjoy our artifacts in the comfort of your home exploring all your favourite works in the app before or after your visit. Scroll and swipe through the artworks at your own pace, save your favorite items, and watch the photo galleries or listen to the audio-tracks wherever you are.
You can download the App at FBQ Museums and walk through the galleries with all art at their fingertips.