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FBQ Complex of Museums offers training and development opportunities, including vacancies, on-the-job learning, and volunteer programs.


Why Join FBQ

FBQ Complex of Museums embodies cultural and educational aspirations for professionals to work in a multi-cultural environment yet acting locally and regionally.
FBQ preserves and promotes culture and Qatari heritage, giving individuals the opportunity to experience professional growth through a learning journey.
To find our FBQ’s available vacancies, submit your CV along with a motivation letter to: [email protected]

Volunteer Program

Join our Complex of Museums to learn more about cultures, arts, and local heritage.
Volunteers at FBQ Museums are invited to attend events, training, and exhibition-making, lead guided tours, and experience behind-the-scenes opportunities.
You must be at least 18 years old to register. For more information or queries, email [email protected]

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