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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Al Samriya; we are delighted that you would like to be a part of our equestrian family. Please know that we always want you to feel valued and we sincerely hope that you get as much out of volunteering as you can. We want to help you learn and grow during your time at the stables and hope that you will have an enjoyable and productive experience.
Your volunteer experience is an excellent way to accrue hours for CAS, Duke of Edinburgh awards, service learning, and a number of charitable causes. It will also help you develop your equine knowledge and improve your horsemanship. If you are preparing for equine qualifications or competition, your work within the volunteer programme will help equip you for the future. You can also take pride in knowing that your involvement in the programme is a tremendous support for our young and new riders.
As a volunteer, there are many very rewarding activities to get involved in. You can spend your time helping with things such as:
  • Leading for lessons
  • Supporting new or nervous riders
  • Supporting riders with additional learning needs
  • Grooming horses
  • Tacking up horses
  • Cleaning stables
  • Organising the arena
  • Feeding horses
  • Hand walking horses
  • Riding horses
  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Organising events
  • Helping at children’s parties
  • Caring for sick, injured, or elderly horses
  • Charitable activities
Young people can be part of a formal volunteer route that requires a minimum time commitment and specified skills development. Less formal opportunities are available to people of any age… Please speak to the Farm Manager if you would like to volunteer.