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Full Livery Services

We offer full livery services for private horse owners. Our stables are large and airy, with views across the farm or the paddocks. They are located so that horses can have a calm and peaceful environment where they can rest and relax, but they also have times of the day when they are stimulated by what’s going on around the stables.
Full livery provides everything that is needed to maintain the basic health and wellbeing for your horse. This means that your horse stays well enough for you to ride and is also fully taken care of if you need to travel or can’t visit for any other reason.
As a private owner, you may ride across the farm or make use of the arenas whenever lessons are not taking place.


Full Livery prices included as standard. Fees are paid in advance each month.

  • All hard feed, hay and shavings bedding as required: shavings, a base bed of 6 bales (2 bales of shavings added every week), daily mucking out and skipping out. Dodson and Horrell Feedstuffs are provided.
  • Grooming and handling from a veterinarian, farrier, saddler or other health care providers.
  • Daily turnout.
  • Daily hand walking.
  • Access to all facilities including arenas; while they are not being used by riders.
  • Farm hacking.
  • Standard farriery.
  • On-site personnel available 24 hours a day.

*All livery charges must be paid in advance, late fees apply and a security deposit is required.

The monthly cost is: 2,800 QR

We also provide an additional schooling package under the professional supervision of our professors. Your entire livery package can be upgraded to incorporate an aspect of schooling at any time; whether on a long or short term basis. To ensure that clients may completely enjoy the amenities, the number of horses allowed for livery is limited. We also offer "The Riding Café," where riders and guests may buy coffee, tea and a variety of food and drinks on-site, as well as the Riders Shop; which sells a comprehensive range of reasonably priced clothing and accessories.

Please keep in mind that all veterinarian and dental fees are the responsibility of the horse owner. This is not covered in the monthly fee.

A worming program for the yard is implemented as a whole, this will then be invoiced to the owners.

Enrichment Activities

Al Samriya Riding School hosts a variety of enrichment programs and events. Al Samriya Estate has a riding school, a museum, sporting facilities and vast cross-country running trails. Excellent learning and physical activities may be provided on-site for small and big groups. Provision can be provided for three, four or even hundreds of children to participate in a single activity or a whole day of various sessions. Schools can choose to partake in popular activities such as 'Week without Walls' or 'Fitness at the Farm.'

Extra services will be charged as follows, and be carried out by ASRS professional staff.

Extra ServicesDurationCharge
Schooling30 mins.120 QR
Hacking1 hour150 QR
Lunging20 - 30 mins.120 QR
Fittening work45 mins. - 1 hour150 QR
Show preparationN/A250 QR
ClippingN/A350 QR