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FBQ Car Museum

FBQ Car Museum

متحف الخاص بالسيارات في متحف الشيخ فيصل بن قاسم آل ثاني مغلق بصورة مؤقتة من أجل التجديد، وسيتم إعادة افتتاحه قريبا!

FBQ Car Museum section is currently closed for renovations and will be reopening back soon!

300 stunning and unique cars await your discovery.

The much-anticipated FBQ Car Museum is now open to the public as an extension of the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, a cultural landmark in Al Samriya Estate, Al Shahaniya. As part of FBQ Museum tours, the Car Museum welcomes visitors to view around its 300 stunning classic cars and then take in the museum’s treasure trove of 30,000 unique exhibits of Islamic Art, Qatar Heritage, International Artifacts, Carpets, Jewelry and Textiles.

Car Museum Qatar

In the Car Museum visitors can experience a multi-faceted journey through the history of over 120 years of motorized development, revealing and reflecting human’s needs to advance technology to shorten distances and connect people across on the Arabian Peninsula and Qatar.

The new Car Museum exhibits include exquisite classic car models of 1900s onwards. Classic models of cars and trucks, sports cars, convertibles and limousines, make up the unique collection, taking visitors back in time, evoking memories of a bygone motoring era up to the present day.

The Car Museum will be offered as part of the museum tour, price at QAR 50 for adults and free for kids under 12, with no extra fees being charged to visit it.